Ventilation is vital for any air conditioning design. It is the only medium of air exchange and removes bad odors, heat, bacteria and pumps in fresh air into the building. Natural Ventilation in large buildings is impossible due to its sheer size. Therefore, forced or mechanical have to be incorporated in the air conditioning system to derive high efficiency.

Toilet Ventilation

Inline Fans

These are dimensionally compact and offer larger pressure than other ventilating fans. An inline pump is capable of operating in any position. Inline Fans are categorized by the pressure of air that they are capable of handling, volume of flow and the diameter of the inlet and outlet ports.

Propeller Fans

Propeller Fans are specifically designed for cost effective, general purpose ventilation. All belt driven models are available in either exhaust or supply configurations. The steel panel design is available with die cast aluminum propellers to meet specific application requirements. Regardless of the application, the BSDDP and BSBP Series offers a high quality, cost competitive propeller fan solution.

Cabinet Exhaust Fans

Designed for through-the-wall installation, these belt-drive fans are ideal for commercial/industrial applications that require delivery of high volume of air at low static pressures.The variable pitch, adjustable motor pulleys, optimize fan performance. The exhaust damper blades are top-pivoting gravity return.

Basement Ventilation

Jet Fans

Jet fans – also known as impulse or induction fans – support the natural flow between the supply air and extract air zones. They provide motion in regions with low air speeds, thus guaranteeing the daily ventilation requirement for all areas. Since jet fans are only installed at particular points, they take up less than 0.5% of the ceiling area. This leaves room for other technical installations and the visibility across the parking decks is improved. Often it is even possible to reduce the storey heights. This saves time and money.

  • jet fanes

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

Centrifugal Fans

This is an enclosed type of fan. The impeller or blade is fitted and sealed into a case (referred as fan casing) and the inlet air is circulated in the casing before it is sent out at high pressure. Centrifugal fans are the best choice for large ventilating air spaces as they are very capable of circulating a huge volume of air due to the higher drag generated. The centrifugal fans from Sri Comforts have high efficiency and run smoothly with no noise and are capable of pumping out air with a 700 to 800 Pa pressure.

Our engineering team will install and modify each and every segment of the ventilation layout to create a much more effective cooling cycle. We believe that a machine is always as good as its operator, hence backed up by our expertise in the cooling industry; our team will install a hassle free cooling unit at your site.

Industrial Ventilation

Axial Fans

Like the name suggests, the outlet of air from this fan is parallel to the axis of its rotation. This principle and the type of fan are used in motherboards and for cooling units. Axial fans have been in commercial and industrial use for many years due to its efficiency and simplicity in design. Just like an aero plane wing, the blade on an axial fan is also aerofoil in shape and can generate high amount of drag that enables more air to gush out to the open. A basic ceiling fan is also an example of an axial fan.

Sri Comforts, have also included the axial fans in its ventilation system. Coupled to the air conditioning layout, an axial fan is capable of handling more than 800 Pa pressure with a much more better efficiency at lower noise levels than its Inline counterpart.