Room Air Conditioning

Split Air-Conditioners

Get the best-in-class air conditioning experience with a wide range of split air conditioners with 10 Years warranty on compressor by Daikin. Loaded with amazing features, exceptional cooling performance, and great energy-saving technology, our air conditioners level up the décor of your place wonderfully.

We offer Split Air-conditioners ranging from 0.75 tons to 3 tons with different energy ratings of 2-star, 3-star, 4-star and 5-star. We also provide inverter type split air-conditioners with refrigerant gases ranging from R32 and R410A.

Split Inverter Technology

An inverter type air-conditioner adjusts the speed of the compressor to control the refrigerant (gas) flow rate, thereby consuming less current and power. An inverter has precise temperature control and as the set temperature is attained, the unit adjusts its capacity to eliminate any temperature fluctuations.

In contrast, non-inverter air conditioners have a fixed cooling/ heating capacity and can only control the indoor temperature by starting or stopping their compressors.

Non-inverter air-conditioners stops and starts repeatedly. The power consumption and current goes down when the operation stops, but it goes up sharply at the time of restart and thus has high average power consumption and temperature variations. As a result, inverter air conditioners are more energy-saving and comfortable than non-inverter air-conditioners.




Air Purifiers

In today’s fast paced world, Air Purifiers are a must. Air filtration is essential for maintaining optimal air quality.

The air inside your home only looks clean. But the truth is that it is buzzing with many deadly viruses, bacteria, allergens and other harmful pollutants that are invisible to the naked eye. Inhaling the polluted air can lead to various health problems. Hence, maintaining clean air within your living space is very important.

You can make your home the sanctuary of clean air by installing air purifiers.

Air Purifier