Central Air Conditioning


VRV or Variable Refrigerant Volume is a revolutionary technique used in large buildings or commercial centers. VRV’s are capable of cooling/heating each room in the building individually. VRV systems are well known for their high energy efficiency and compact size. They can be easily installed without much complication in its piping and wiring.

We are the first air-conditioning dealer to have installed a 6000HP project at the Tech Mahindra campus in Chennai.

VRV Indoor Units




With a comprehensive range of chillers, Daikin is poised to power up various mechanical cooling process applications across different industries. Our centrifugal chillers, screw chillers and scroll chillers are a testament to our unmatched engineering capability. They are an ideal choice for commercial, industrial and institutional HVAC applications.

Centrifugal Chillers

Engineered, flexible solutions for commercial, industrial and institutional HVAC requirements.

Screw Chillers

Providing environment-friendly solutions

Scroll Chillers

High performance chillers

Air Handling Units (AHU)

From medium-sized heat recovery ventilation to large-scale air handling units, we ensure optimal climate conditions by providing a fresh, healthy, and comfortable environment for buildings of all sizes and different applications.